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And the New ‘RoboCop’ is… Some Guy No One Really Knows…

RoboCop takes on Boddicker

Well, it looks like we have our next robotic defender of old Detroit: the one and only Joel Kinnaman. Don’t worry– I don’t really know anything about him either. I’m disappointed the producers/director didn’t nab Michael Fassbender for the titular role, but that’s all right. Going with a relatively unknown actor is certainly not the worst idea. Chris Pine stepped up quite well to the plate as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, and hey, Al Pacino was a total nobody when he made The Godfather (there’s no way in hell Kinnaman’s RoboCop will match up with Michael Corleone, but you get my point). The director, Jose Padilha, and Kinnaman aren’t high profile, so I expect they’re taking this remake extremely seriously. After all, this has all makings of a major franchise if they get the equation right.

I’m still skeptical about this whole idea, but there’s one thing that will help assuage my fears a bit, and that is the casting of the villain. I’ve heard no rumblings about story or plot points yet, so I have no clue what direction the script goes. Considering the low profile nature of the director and star of the film, hopefully a reputable actor will come on board as Robo’s foe. For the sake of box office, I am sure MGM and the producers will push for a big name to lend a sinister presence. A weak antagonist can certainly break an action film. Part of what made Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2 so entertaining is that Riggs and Murtaugh were up against quality bad guys. Lethal Weapon 3 suffered from a boring villain.

The original RoboCop has terrific villains. The members of the gang are colorful and a bit wacky, but they’re anchored well by Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker. He’s cold-blooded, darkly funny, and a true sadist– a perfect blend for a bloody action movie. Emoting isn’t exactly RoboCop’s strong suit, so a lively villain who can fly off the handle at a moment’s notice is a must for this remake. I’d hate to end up with a Timothy Carhart in Beverly Hills Cop III-type of scenario…

Actually, that entire movie is awful, so let’s hope the RoboCop remake has nothing in common with Beverly Hills Cop III.

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