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David Cronenberg Has Me Pumped for a Robert Pattinson Flick

Director/auteur/probable madman David Cronenberg continues to impress me. His last three films (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and A Dangerous Method) were all on my list of top movies in their respective year. Actually, A History of Violence is easily one of my top five films of the ’00s. Now, a short trailer for his next feature, Cosmopolis, is out and my admiration for the director continues to grow. In 34 seconds, the clip shows off Cronenberg’s odd, perverse, and violent sensibility, and it actually makes me excited for a Robert Pattinson performance. #ThingsINeverThoughtWouldHappen

So, in honor of the release of this spectacular preview, I’d like to briefly reflect on Cronenberg’s unorthodox career. Now, the man started out in the grossout horror genre with films like The Brood and Rabid. Though they have their place and are certainly important in his evolution as a filmmaker, these early films do not stand out as his finest work in my book. Starting in the early 1980s, his voice and style really matured with his impressive combinations of visceral gore, psychological horror, and biting political/societal commentary. Though speckled with the occasional interesting moment, the 1990s certainly did not offer his most compelling films, although you’re hard pressed to find a more off-putting and challenging movie than Crash in 1996. Trust me… it’s… it’s really gross.

And up until a few years ago, this is how it seemed Cronenberg’s career would be defined: some promising genre movies (The Brood and Scanners), a couple flashes of brilliance (Videodrome and Dead Ringers), a foray into more mainstream horror films (The Fly and The Dead Zone), and a lot of weird stuff that has plenty of ambition but just falls short (Naked Lunch and Crash). However, something happened in 2005. He took an adaptation of a graphic novel, scooped up Viggo Mortensen, and directed the best film of his career. A History of Violence is a masterpiece and it stands out as Cronenberg’s crown jewel. From then on he continued to create one unique and thought-provoking film after the next, and it appears that Cosmopolis will fall right in line.

Behold the trailer below (adult content, so fair warning) and hopefully you’ll be as interested as I am after you watch. If you’ve never experienced a Cronenberg film but you have an interest in the relationship between man and technology, nature and machinery, or bizarre and really bizarre, start out with my favorites: VideodromeDead RingersA History of ViolenceEastern Promises, and A Dangerous Method. If Videodrome proves to be too much for you, be sure to skip Dead Ringers, and if A History of Violence loses you, well, you should skip Cronenberg altogether. Like most any filmmaker worth watching, he’s not for everyone.


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