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A Quick Update on “The Canyons” (Yes, It’s Really Happening)

The cast of “The Canyons” rehearsing (via Bret Easton Ellis’ Twitter feed)

It looks like it’s coming together.

I previously wrote an update about Lindsay Lohan coming aboard the Bret Easton Ellis/Paul Schrader project The Canyons, and I touted the casting as a stroke of genius. Shortly after the news broke, Schrader tried to downplay the announcement and said that Lohan was not set in stone. THEN she wrecked her Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway in yet another public mishap that cast even more doubt on her accountability.

I started to think that the tent over the circus of The Canyons production was about to come crashing down with its largest star on the verge of another meltdown or legal misstep. Lohan is defying expectations, however, as screenwriter Ellis tweeted a picture of his ragtag band of actors going through a rehearsal. The lucky actors revealed are Amanda Brooks, Nolan Funk, porn actor James Deen, and the aforementioned Lohan.

So there you go– the cast of The Canyons. Production is scheduled to commence this month and all of the principal roles seem to be filled. Ellis likes to take to Twitter and drop names and gossip for the sake of self-indulgence, so I had my doubts about this film. He’s convinced me, though, that The Canyons will be every bit the current, stylistic, “post-Empire” experiment he has promised all along.

I really hope that he or Schrader will maintain some kind of production blog in an effort to keep the social media world in the loop. Considering the film’s budget was crowdsourced, they’d be wise to keep the Twitterverse apprised of the inevitable absurdities that transpire on set. I don’t know what the tone of the final product will be, but this might be a situation where the “making of” might be more interesting than the film itself. But as someone who is constantly looking for movies that vigorously fight against mundane archetypes, I hope The Canyons shines beyond just a goofy experiment with a headline-making starlet and an affable male porn star.


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