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Harvey Weinstein Sure Does Care!

Opportunistic vulture, media whore, and Mr. Socially Conscious Harvey Weinstein has dipped his unwanted toe into the news of the Aurora shooting tragedy. Big surprise.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, ‘ol Harv appears to suddenly possess a deep and genuine concern about the state of violence in American film. The executive producer behind bloodbaths such as RamboGangs of New York, Sin City, the Kill Bill films, and the upcoming Django Unchained sees a real problem with violence in movies (read that list again and bask in the irony). In the HuffPo interview, he apparently acknowledges that films may influence shooters like James Holmes and that he hopes his colleagues in Hollywood will talk about their influence on the public. “I think, as filmmakers, we should sit down – the Marty Scorseses, the Quentin Tarantinos, and hopefully all of us who deal in violence in movies – and discuss our role in that,” Weinstein said.

Way to make it about you, Harvey. There may be a sliver of nobility hidden in what you’re talking about, but what exactly do you plan to discuss? Will you discuss the fact that you have become one of the most successful and influential producers of all-time while amassing a literal fortune by making MANY violent films? Will you discuss leaving behind the shallow life of filmmaking, sell your extravagant home and belongings, and take to the open road to spread your message of peace and healing? Of course you’ll undoubtedly donate the millions of dollars–not dollars, I’m sorry–you’ll donate the blood money you’ve accrued from the scads of death scenes in your myriad movies over the years to a worthy charity. Yeah, that’s your plan I’m sure because you’re so deeply concerned about this issue.

I ain’t buyin’ it.

Horrific events like the Aurora theater shooting quickly stop being about the victims and they start becoming about looking for a reason for what happened. The problem when looking for reasons behind something so unreasonable is that small-minded elitists like Harvey Weinstein or Michael Bloomberg or Piers Morgan look for simple solutions or scapegoats that can fit into a sound bite or a Huffington Post interview. Weinstein will not deviate from the course of filmmaking that has made him filthy-fucking-rich over his entire professional life. Aurora did not awaken an altruistic do-gooder inside his bloated body. It did awaken, however, the beast that’s always in Harvey, and that beast is part of what makes him so successful. The shooting awakened the pitchman inside of him, much in the same way that politicians and Al Sharpton need to weigh in on absolutely everything. Knowledge or familiarity with the situation be damned, Harvey is the type to say something about it, and that son of a bitch will sound earnest while doing so.

Weinstein’s company domestically distributed the documentary Bully, which broached the topic of the supposedly rampant issue of bullying between children. Although well-reviewed, many found the film to be a relatively shallow look at a complicated issue that doesn’t offer a great deal of solution. Be that as it may, Harv whipped up a media firestorm over the film’s initial R rating and made a very public campaign to get the picture a PG-13. His pitch, of course, was that children (they’re our future, in case you haven’t heard) across this fair country of ours need to see the film for the sake of our innocence or safety or whatever.

What’s important to remember is that the Bully ratings controversy came at the height of the media fervor over gay kids being bullied by their peers. Being the savvy businessman that he is, Harvey took advantage of the public landscape and paraded that film out with his message of helping the children, all the while pumping up the box office dollars the best that he could. I don’t fault him for this tactic in the slightest– I think it’s impressive showmanship– but it’s important to remember that when his type pops up in the news and pontificates about “important” issues and cries about the decay of our society that he maybe has other motives than the common good.

I don’t think Harvey Weinstein is an evil man, but I do think he’s arrogant without bounds. He has the wealth and the time to superficially express his concerns but then go right back to business as usual. I don’t know for certain, I may be wrong, but I would be dumbstruck if I found out that he continues to carry the torch for bullying victims, and I’m frankly not sure that he did all that much to begin with. This sudden accountability for violence in cinema and its far-reaching consequences is a ploy. Maybe he will get together with some directors, actors, and writers and discuss their art and pretend to ruminate on how violence should be treated. If they do, I’m sure it will take place at George Clooney’s house in Laurel Canyon with a Barbara Boxer-type politician in tow and a couple dozen photographers to document the historic and charitable endeavor to save us all from ourselves.

Vanity Fair will host the exclusive after party. Maybe us little folks will get a chance to win a pair of tickets at http://www.HarveyWeinsteinReallyCares.org.

  1. Not Guilty Gary B
    July 27, 2012 at 5:09 am

    Weinstein just like the rest of bleeding hearts need to hop on a band wagon of the week. They are uninformed but like to spew like an expert. Just wait there will be another band wagon rolling by soon.

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