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‘The Expendables 2’ Trailer is Out, So What Are Stallone’s Top 5 Action Films?

May 4, 2012 1 comment

Well, there was certainly a time in my life when a Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Willis vehicle was only a dream. It’s of course happening with the upcoming release of The Expendables 2. I would be more excited if it weren’t for the fact that I saw The Expendables already. Two years ago, Stallone touted it as being a return to a bygone era of action films, but it just didn’t deliver. Maybe the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis will bring gravitas to the sequel. And I have to admit that I like the idea of Jean-Claude Van Damme playing Stallone’s nemesis– I’m guessing many of their dialogue-heavy scenes needed some serious ADR work.

However, Stallone has always impressed me with his hard work. The story of getting Rocky made is one of the truly great self-made, Hollywood stories. His ambition continued for much of his career. While never quite rising to Schwarzenegger’s massive star level or box office prowess, Sly wrote and directed several movies Read more…


And the New ‘RoboCop’ is… Some Guy No One Really Knows…

March 4, 2012 1 comment

RoboCop takes on Boddicker

Well, it looks like we have our next robotic defender of old Detroit: the one and only Joel Kinnaman. Don’t worry– I don’t really know anything about him either. I’m disappointed the producers/director didn’t nab Michael Fassbender for the titular role, but that’s all right. Going with a relatively unknown actor is certainly not the worst idea. Chris Pine stepped up quite well to the plate as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, and hey, Al Pacino was a total nobody when he made The Godfather (there’s no way in hell Kinnaman’s RoboCop will match up with Michael Corleone, but you get my point). The director, Jose Padilha, and Kinnaman aren’t high profile, so I expect they’re taking this remake extremely seriously. After all, this has all makings of a major franchise if they get the equation right.

I’m still skeptical about this whole idea, but there’s one thing that will help assuage my fears a bit, and that is the casting of the villain. I’ve heard no rumblings about Read more…

My Thoughts on ‘Haywire’

January 21, 2012 3 comments

Ever since the era of Bourne Identity and Casino Royale, movies have turned the corner and mostly left behind the Crouching Tiger-meets-Matrix high-flying, slow-motion fights. There’s a new brand of brutality being practiced in film fighting. We movie fans can now hear the painful crushing of bone, the pounding of flesh, and the dull thud of a skull meeting a sidewalk better than ever. Personally, I believe this to be a positive. Lucky for us all, these fights welcome all genders.

Haywire, directed by the sometimes brilliant and usually interesting Steven Soderbergh, is an impressive spy/action/thriller in all the ways Read more…