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My 10 Favorite Screenplays from the WGA’s List of the 101 Greatest

February 27, 2013 2 comments

Lists may be arbitrary, but they’re also a lot of fun. They’re also quite difficult to form for anyone who has a real passion (e.g. movies) and the listing process turns into an arduous affair consisting of many drafts.

For the past eight years, the Writer’s Guild of America has been collecting top 10 lists from its members in order to compile the 101 Greatest Screenplays. It’s one of the more enjoyable lists I’ve read because my favorite films are typically ones which I think are expertly written, which is why I’m generally bored by comic book films and anything that Michael Bay puts out with Shia LaWhateverHisNameIs. A well written film should not only be great to watch but great to just listen to as well. For instance, I’d love listening to Manhattan on my iPod, but Independence Day would be insufferable on my car stereo while driving cross country.

Many of the screenplays on the WGA’s list are utterly brilliant and I don’t take issue Read more…


Update on the “Gangster Squad”/Aurora Shooting Controversy

I previously wrote a piece about the possible edits/changes to the upcoming Sean Penn film Gangster Squad. Since that post there has been a small update on the status of the film and its controversial theater shooting scene (which can be seen in the trailer below… until the studio pulls it down). The Hollywood Reporter is saying that a possible January 2013 release date for the film is now in mind in order to write and shoot new footage. The picture was previously set to release on September 7th, which would put the movie in a position to make an awards season push. Warner Bros. has not verified this information yet, but if the film is moved into the beginning of next year in order to accommodate script changes and Read more…