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My Thoughts on ‘The Canyons’

August 5, 2013 4 comments

Seemingly against all odds, The Canyons has arrived. I’ve been morbidly anticipating the film for quite a while now, so I sat down and ordered the movie through IFC on demand. This instant gratification method of watching films fits with the theme of the movie and it’s exactly what attracted veteran filmmaker Paul Schrader to the project. While promoting The Canyons, he’s talked extensively about the wonder of VOD and the death of big budget studio films. Even Spielberg and Lucas have chimed in as of late about the bloated tent-pole flicks and their imminent demise. I believe that’s what’s referred to as irony…

Anyway, Schrader has never really made “studio” pictures, though he has made bona fide classics, and writer Bret Easton Ellis doesn’t exactly practice in mainstream fare. To quote him via his Twitter feed, “Coldness. Amorality. Deadness. Vicious and Unsympathetic Characters. Read more…


A Quick Update on “The Canyons” (Yes, It’s Really Happening)

July 7, 2012 1 comment

The cast of “The Canyons” rehearsing (via Bret Easton Ellis’ Twitter feed)

It looks like it’s coming together.

I previously wrote an update about Lindsay Lohan coming aboard the Bret Easton Ellis/Paul Schrader project The Canyons, and I touted the casting as a stroke of genius. Shortly after the news broke, Schrader tried to downplay the announcement and said that Lohan was not set in stone. THEN she wrecked her Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway in yet another public mishap that cast even more doubt on her accountability.

I started to think that the tent over the circus of The Canyons production was about to come crashing down with its largest star on the verge of another meltdown Read more…

Lindsay Lohan Joins “The Canyons” with James Deen

June 12, 2012 1 comment

“The Canyons” poster via the film’s Facebook page

Kickstarter, the independent film funding website, held no interest for me whatsoever until I heard writer Bret Easton Ellis and director Paul Schrader were teaming up to make a film together using the crowd-sourcing siteThe Canyons, also produced by Braxton Pope along with Schrader and Ellis, promised to be one of the most high-profile projects ever to come out of the Kickstarter website when it was first announced. Now the notoriety of this already controversial film has kicked up a new notch.

Via Bret Easton Ellis’ Twitter Feed, the American Psycho author announced that Lindsay Lohan will star in the project. Lohan’s constant personal and legal woes aside, this is crazy good news for such a small project. Director Paul Schrader may be a legend with the likes of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Affliction in his filmography, but The Canyons Read more…