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My Thoughts on ‘Hitchcock’

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Alfred Hitchcock was a true cinematic genius and he is arguably my favorite director, so I’m sort of biased to like any movie about the man. Recently, I went to an early screening of Sacha Gervasi’s new film, Hitchcock, at the Los Angeles County of Museum of Art. I liked it… mostly.

Anthony Hopkins stars as the legendary filmmaker who is fresh off the success of North By Northwest. He wants to return to his earlier days of lower budgets and less glamour, so he lands on a horror novel that’s based on the real-life exploits of notorious serial killer Ed Gein called Psycho. With a slight bit of convincing, his loyal and talented wife, Alma, who is played beautifully by Helen Mirren, throws her support behind his tawdry and controversial new project.

Now, before I saw the film and before I even saw the trailer, I had a good feeling of what type of film Hitchcock would Read more…


Horrific Television: Attack of the Remakes/Re-Imaginings

The old cliché “nothing is sacred” is alive and well in the world of television. In the past few months, several new TV series have been announced that are inspired by classic horror films. As usual, I’m skeptical (big surprise). That being said, I’m also hopeful for some of the projects. All of the announced series are based on films that I included in my list of 13 Favorite Horror Films, so I want these programs to be good.

The first of these remakes I heard about is a Hannibal Lecter-based show on NBC from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. Daisies is a fantastic series and it was cancelled far too early during it’s run a few years ago. However, it’s not exactly dark in tone, at least not in the way you’d want a Hannibal Lecter vehicle to be dark. Also, NBC is not exactly a forum for edgy, inventive television. With the exception of a couple comedies, the network is woefully boring and predictable. I hope the brass at NBC is allowing Fuller and his team some freedom in bringing Dr. Lecter to the small-screen. Hannibal needs to be frightening and sinister with a hint of charm like the film The Silence of the Lambs, not goofy or tongue-in-cheek. I also hope the series won’t be too much of a “cop show,” procedural and bland. The word is that Hannibal will be focused on the relationship Read more…

My 13 Favorite Horror Films: Unabridged

April 22, 2012 9 comments

Thank you for all of the kind feedback on the first half of my 13 Favorite Horror Films list. Now, here’s the complete countdown:

I think I’ve been asked, “Do you like horror movies?” more than any other film-centric question. People LOVE horror films of all kinds, but I’ve always felt somewhat out of the loop because I’ve never responded much to them. So when people would ask if I like horror, I generally responded by saying I just like good movies, some of which end up being horrific by genre; meanwhile, all I could think is how much I hate things like Final DestinationI Know What You Did Last Summer, or the Leprechaun films. Torture porn like the Saw or Hostel franchises don’t do much for me either. This overall judgmental attitude was wrong, however, because the term “horror” evoked the wrong feeling in me. I shouldn’t have thought of bad acting, hokey music, and goofy violence when thinking of horror. Just like anything else, there’s good and there’s bad, so I started to focus on what makes a great scary movie rather than what makes a bad one.

Maybe it’s years of systematic desensitization or maybe I’m a born sociopath, but I don’t frighten too easily anymore. Even if a loud burst of music cues while a mirror breaks onscreen, that brief moment of surprise doesn’t leave me feeling scared. I need Read more…