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Horrific Television: Attack of the Remakes/Re-Imaginings

The old cliché “nothing is sacred” is alive and well in the world of television. In the past few months, several new TV series have been announced that are inspired by classic horror films. As usual, I’m skeptical (big surprise). That being said, I’m also hopeful for some of the projects. All of the announced series are based on films that I included in my list of 13 Favorite Horror Films, so I want these programs to be good.

The first of these remakes I heard about is a Hannibal Lecter-based show on NBC from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. Daisies is a fantastic series and it was cancelled far too early during it’s run a few years ago. However, it’s not exactly dark in tone, at least not in the way you’d want a Hannibal Lecter vehicle to be dark. Also, NBC is not exactly a forum for edgy, inventive television. With the exception of a couple comedies, the network is woefully boring and predictable. I hope the brass at NBC is allowing Fuller and his team some freedom in bringing Dr. Lecter to the small-screen. Hannibal needs to be frightening and sinister with a hint of charm like the film The Silence of the Lambs, not goofy or tongue-in-cheek. I also hope the series won’t be too much of a “cop show,” procedural and bland. The word is that Hannibal will be focused on the relationship Read more…


And the New ‘RoboCop’ is… Some Guy No One Really Knows…

March 4, 2012 1 comment

RoboCop takes on Boddicker

Well, it looks like we have our next robotic defender of old Detroit: the one and only Joel Kinnaman. Don’t worry– I don’t really know anything about him either. I’m disappointed the producers/director didn’t nab Michael Fassbender for the titular role, but that’s all right. Going with a relatively unknown actor is certainly not the worst idea. Chris Pine stepped up quite well to the plate as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, and hey, Al Pacino was a total nobody when he made The Godfather (there’s no way in hell Kinnaman’s RoboCop will match up with Michael Corleone, but you get my point). The director, Jose Padilha, and Kinnaman aren’t high profile, so I expect they’re taking this remake extremely seriously. After all, this has all makings of a major franchise if they get the equation right.

I’m still skeptical about this whole idea, but there’s one thing that will help assuage my fears a bit, and that is the casting of the villain. I’ve heard no rumblings about Read more…

Nothing Overly Profound About the ‘RoboCop’ Reboot

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

I tend to go back and forth when it comes to remakes of films I love. For instance, when I heard there would be a Straw Dogs remake, I was appalled. However, when I heard about the RoboCop reboot, I was surprisingly not reduced to screaming and vomiting out of pure disgust. I love the original RoboCop and I hate the idea of a shoddy, watered down remake. BUT I am excited by the idea of a good remake and a fresh perspective. Granted, I was more enthralled by the concept when the superb Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct (José Padilha is steering the boat now).

A mural of RoboCop

Screenwriter Nick Schenk is said to be taking on the task of writing a draft of the script. Gran Torino is his claim to fame, and although it’s not my favorite movie, I think the addition of Schenk is a pretty positive sign. Most interesting is the rumored casting of the titular character. The names that have been mentioned the loudest so far have been the following: Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, and Russell Crowe. Interesting and vastly Read more…