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My 10 Favorite Screenplays from the WGA’s List of the 101 Greatest

February 27, 2013 2 comments

Lists may be arbitrary, but they’re also a lot of fun. They’re also quite difficult to form for anyone who has a real passion (e.g. movies) and the listing process turns into an arduous affair consisting of many drafts.

For the past eight years, the Writer’s Guild of America has been collecting top 10 lists from its members in order to compile the 101 Greatest Screenplays. It’s one of the more enjoyable lists I’ve read because my favorite films are typically ones which I think are expertly written, which is why I’m generally bored by comic book films and anything that Michael Bay puts out with Shia LaWhateverHisNameIs. A well written film should not only be great to watch but great to just listen to as well. For instance, I’d love listening to Manhattan on my iPod, but Independence Day would be insufferable on my car stereo while driving cross country.

Many of the screenplays on the WGA’s list are utterly brilliant and I don’t take issue Read more…


Films for the Post-St. Paddy’s Day Hangover

March 17, 2012 1 comment

One of the all-time great movie posters.

St. Patrick’s Day has arrived and there are probably a few things you haven’t considered in order to make your March 18th hangover more manageable:

  • How do I get green vomit stains out of my carpet?
  • Was my casual, alcohol induced racism the reason I have a black eye?
  • What movies should I watch while I eat dry toast and chew aspirin?

Well, to answer the first two questions– Oxiclean and yes. More complicated, however, is what Irish-related movies you should indulge in while you grip your couch for dear life as your head begins to split open. I’ve come up with a list of just a few of my favorite films full of Irish characters. I started to dangerously slip into an all-IRA/crime theme, so I made sure to include some humor and romance as well for those of you who resent the bomb setting, alcoholic, murderous stereotype. There’s no doubt I’ve left out some real gems inspired by the Old Country, but a couple of these oughta get you through the day just fine, provided you can get someone Read more…